122A8508 October 15

Fall’13 Favorites: Leather Pants, Flannel Shirts

I have been waiting for a great pair of leather pants for about a year…and I anticipated Fall’13 may accommodate my request. In menswear, the concept of “trickle down” moves as a snails pace in comparison to womenswear. I would attribute this to the fact that fast fashion retailers have to water-down a designer look […]

122A8373 October 14

We’re Baaack

It’s been a crazy month for Nicholas and I; full of exciting collaborations, working with clients, and styling and directing photo shoots. However, we are very excited to finally return to blogging, so let’s start with one of our favorite staples…the ever so common white basic and distressed denim. This has been a go to […]

122A8812 September 20


TGIF!!!!! What better way to kick off the weekend than with a look that is the ultimate in comfort? Can I get an Amen?! Yes, as a matter of fact, you have seen these pants before. If you recall, Nicholas wore the exact same ones in an earlier post… and no, it’s not the sisterhood […]

122A8149 September 11

Pattern on Pattern

Today, a trend you haven’t heard of before… PATTERN ON PATTERN!!! Oh wait… Never mind, that’s old news. However, it is still current. Also, a trend that most people are not willing to try, or are tired of. I wanted to put a different spin, and present a way of combining textiles in a more […]

1 September 10

All ‘Dressed’ Up

No need to stress any longer gentlemen, I finally discovered how to style “The Man Dress”. Well, that’s not it. And why are you scratching your head? I mean we all have this Ann Demeulemeester-esque garment hanging in the back of our closets, right? No. Well then just bear with me. One thing that IS […]

122A8069 September 09

“Never Ending Fun”

Isn’t it the worst when you’re getting ready, and you know you need to be done to the nines, but you just want to be  in your sweats? I’ve struggled with this back and forth tug of war a time or two…or every time I get ready…oops. Now, while putting on our ball gowns will […]

9 September 06

Sweater Weather

It’s evident that in the fashion industry mass market designers have finally caught on to using slimmer silhouettes for their men’s garments…and thank god. However, if you look at many designer labels, you’ll notice their looks are featuring oversized menswear as a trend. Now, I’m not saying to pull out those ill-fitting khakis from the […]


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